Principal Message

“Our Motive of Education Is Specific, Pointed & Concrete”
Through Veda’s Education provides immortality. It is only education which lightened our life hole of the time. Without education the men treat as animal. Educations provide us the intuition and spirituality and it removes the darkness from our mind. It gives us the real value of life and provides the feeling of understanding.
Education doesn’t mean to get bookish knowledge. But it enhances our character, behavior, logic, and strength and expression power. It laid whole personality of the child. Education provides us the profession the leadership feeling of nationality & the feeling to die for other.
Education trained the good and effective teacher who guide and torch bearer for the society. Only education can maintain a better student who can serve the nation, society & his family. So education is more important than any other mean. So I recall you come & get better education and to attend the goal of the life through better education & training.


Dr. Gambhir Singh

Principal, Shree Agarsen Mahila PG College